BellaVive Natural Health Clinic offers a wide array of professional vitamins, minerals, nutritional supplements, homeopathic remedies, western botanicals, traditional Chinese herbs and organic herbal teas.  We also offer high quality natural injectables for our Acupoint Injection Therapies and Mesolift/Mesotherapy.  We are unique in that we carry a full line of Western and Eastern herbal extracts designed to address the physical, emotional and mental aspects of health. Our products contain the highest quality herbs on the market. We use organic and ethically wild harvested herbs that meet and exceed all the safety, purity, authenticity and potency GMP guidelines for herbal medicine. Our organic herbs are certified by an accredited organic certification agency. Ethically harvested means we do not use any herbs that are rare, endangered, or at risk of being endangered. This also means that our herbs are free from irradiation and ozone treatment, sulfur, gasses and other sanitary chemicals. At our clinic, we currently carry over 500 single Western and Chinese herbs.

At BellaVive Natural Health Clinic, we offer consultations that provide our clients with the ability to make informed choices about what types of remedies will be the most functional and beneficial for their situation. Dr. Kimberly Nguyen customizes her own herbal formulas and nutritional recommendations based on the unique concerns and needs of her clients. The formulas are either high quality Chinese herbal extracts in powder form or high quality Western botanical herbal tinctures. The choice will be based on the individual patient. Nutritional recommendations are also dependent upon the needs of the patient. Many times our patients come in with bags full of supplements they are currently taking. At BellaVive Natural Health Clinic, our goal is to help you choose the right nutrients to meet your daily needs. We highly recommend a nutrition consultation with Dr. Nguyen to help figure out your nutrient deficiencies and to plan out how to incorporate nutrition in your daily meals. Dr. Nguyen believes that eating the right foods and eating a well balanced diet will provide most people with all the necessary nutrients. She also realize that there are times when a client is unable to meet their nutrient needs from food. When this occurs, Dr. Nguyen will recommend a more personalized selection of nutritional supplementation. The products offered at BellaVive Natural Health Clinic are from companies that go through rigorous nutrient selection, quality control and manufacturing process. By choosing companies that meet these standards, we are able to offer our clients the highest quality products. All of our nutritional supplements contains no artificial ingredients or preservatives. The nutrients are retained in their original form which makes them more effective and easily absorbed. In addition, there are no toxic glues, binders and lubricants in our supplements. These toxic glues and binders are usually listed as "other ingredients" in many nutrition products in the market.

BellaVive Natural Health Clinic's mission is to provide the community with resources to enhance and optimize the health of each individual. However, many of our remedies are prescription only. We apologize, but we do not offer recommendations without a consultation with Dr. Nguyen. All consultations are by appointment only.

We also offer mail orders and drop shipment to our patients. Please email us at for more information.


Herbal Medicine

Many plant substances are powerful medicines. Where single chemically-derived drugs may only address a single problem, botanical medicines are able to address a variety of problems simultaneously. Their organic nature makes botanicals compatible with the body's own chemistry; hence, they can be gently effective with few toxic side effects.  Our Traditional Eastern herbs are grown in the hills and mountains of Taiwan and our Western herbs are grown mostly here in the United States, but could be found around the world.  See link at the bottom of the page for more information. 


Professional Nutraceuticals

Like our herbal companies, we are also very particular on which supplements we carry at our clinic. All of our supplements are from professional companies with many years of research and have proven to have high quality standards and products.  See link at the bottom of the page for more information.



As we age, our skin loses vital nutrients as a result of sun exposure, hormonal changes, poor diet and poor circulation. Mesolift is used to treat and slow the process of aging. This treatment results in improved tonicity, elasticity and appearance resulting in a clear, attractive complexion, radiant, glowing and youthful skin.  See link at the bottom of the page for more information.


Acupoint Injection

Acupoint injection therapy is used to administer a therapeutic substance into specific acupuncture points. There are a variety of homeopathic formulas that are used for particular conditions. Each injection is adjusted to the patient's needs.  See link at the bottom of the page for more information.



Homeopathy is a system of natural health care that has been in worldwide use for over 200 years.  Homeopathy treats each person as a unique individual with the aim of stimulating their own healing ability. A homeopath selects the most appropriate medicine based on the individual's specific symptoms and personal level of health.
See link at the bottom of the page for more information.


Organic Teas

All of our teas are loose-leaf teas that has been crafted from the freshest organic ingredients.  All teas are certified by an accredited organic certification agency.  See link at the bottom of the page for more information.

Additional Information: 

We have many choices when it comes to which herbal companies we carry in our office.  For our Chinese Eastern herbs, we chose Evergreen for their high quality and high standards.  There herbs are grown in the hills and mountains of Taiwan.  From seed to shelf, Evergreen ensures purity, safety and potency in our herbal extracts by following standards of current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) established by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and World Health Organization (WHO). Efforts put forth by their team of experts in chemistry, microbiology, and Chinese medicine result in a Certificate of Analysis (COA), which guarantees that our clinic receives the highest quality product that is safe and effective.

Evergreen leads the industry in quality control and its commitment to product excellence with a team of highly trained specialists ranging from senior herbalists experienced to perform organoleptic identification to microbiologists who tests for safety against harmful bacteria and biochemists who perform assays to ensure the presence and quality of active ingredients in our extracts.  All herbs go through a rigorous screening process that tests for:
Organoleptic Visual Check
TLC Active Ingredient Check 
Total Heavy Metal Test 
Total Yeast and Mold Test 
Salmonella Test 
Loss on Drying Test 
Acid-Insoluble Ash Test 
Individual Heavy Metal (Lead, Cadmium, Mercury, Arsenic) 
Aflatoxin Test
Aristolochic Acid Test
Microscopic Cellular Identity Check 
HPLC Potency Level Test 
Total Aerobic Microbial Count Test 
E.coli Test 
Enterobacteria & Other Gram Negative Bacteria Test 
Total Ash Content Test 
Dilute EtOH Extract Test 
Pesticide Test (over 100 pesticides tested)
(Organochlorine and Organophosphorus) 
Ochratoxin Test
Aconitine Test

For our Western herbs, our company of choice is Wise Woman Herbals.  Since 1989, Wise Woman Herbals® has been considered a leader in providing quality botanical supplements. All of their products are manufactured on-site at their FDA inspected, Certified Organic, Certified Kosher facility located in Creswell, Oregon. Using a time-honored traditional maceration process, they make frequent small batches to attain high concentrations, achieve superior quality, and to assure product efficacy and shelf-life. They know precisely what goes into their products, and just as importantly, what does not: all of their products are GMO-free, peanut-free, lactose-free, and wheat-free.

Their meticulous quality standards start with the finest organic, biodynamic, wild crafted, and best quality plants harvested by experienced wild crafters and sourced from local farms. Their trusted ethical vendors undergo a rigorous supplier qualification process prior to acceptance as an approved source for raw materials. They extract and preserve the plant's therapeutic qualities using certified organic cane alcohol, mountain spring water from a local aquifer, certified kosher vegetable glycerine, and other all-natural ingredients. Many of all the raw materials used to manufacture their products are sourced from the Pacific Northwest.

They assure proper plant Genus, species, and purity as a foundation for establishing quality. Their products are examined by the following methods:
Raw Materials Custom Reference Database
Organoleptic Testing
Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIR) Analysis
Scientific Botanical Authentication
Microbiology Profile and Heavy Metals Testing
Microbiology and Heavy Metals Specification Comparisons
Chromatography Analysis
Third Party Testing
Shelf Life Studies
Quality Management

Like our herbal companies, we are also very particular on which supplements we carry at our clinic.  All of our supplements are from professional companies with many years of research and have proven to have high quality standards and products.  Below are examples of a few of the companies our clinic carries:

Premier Research Labs
PRL has achieved an industry first in creating premier nutritional products based on quantum cellular resonance technology. Their products are free of undesirable chemical tag-alongs and are designed to deliver the very best quality to our patients.  PRL sources its raw materials from trusted suppliers all over the world using their strict protocols that they have developed to consistently ensure the premier quality that is the foundation of all their products. To deliver the most consistent level of premier quality nutrition, their in-house, state-of-the-art laboratory uses chromatography technology to scan all of their raw materials to ensure they meet our superior quality standards. In addition to their standard laboratory procedures, they also screen their raw materials using their proprietary bioenergetic testing.

They invest in comprehensive testing, sourcing the highest-quality ingredients, and creating the cleanest manufacturing process to provide unparalleled solutions for our clients' health. While others in the industry care more about what their products look like than how they actually work, they believe that all the marketing in the world can’t replace real science, technology, and the industry-leading practices they use that have redefined nutritional health and wellness. Using the best equipment available, their quality team methodically tests their raw ingredients, and then their production team meticulously crafts each supplement with the utmost consideration for every single detail, from mixing the raw materials to encapsulating and bottling the finished product. Because they manufacture many of their products in our facility in Summerville, South Carolina, they have total authority over what goes into their products, so they refuse to use magnesium stearate or any other arbitrary filler that can inhibit absorption. Using unnecessary ingredients goes against their belief to design and provide only optimal solutions for health. To meet the highest quality standards they also ensure that our facility is third-party certified.

Pure Encapsulations
At Pure Encapsulations, they manufacture hypoallergenic, research-based dietary supplements that are designed to deliver predictable and desired results. They are committed to sourcing pure, premium ingredients and working with experienced healthcare professionals to create safe and effective dietary supplements to help our clients achieve optimal health.  They manufacture their own products in their own state-of-the-art plant in Sudbury, Massachusetts. Pure Encapsulations is NSF-GMP registered in the U.S., GMP certified in Canada and exceeds the standards of the United States Pharmacopeia (USP). All manufacturing takes place in temperature, humidity and dust-controlled rooms. Each piece of equipment is dismantled and sterilized before each production run. This includes scales, mills, blenders, powder fillers, encapsulating machines and capsule counters. Their warehouse is climate controlled in order to maximize the stability of our raw materials and finished products.
Certified independent laboratories test raw materials and finished, encapsulated products. Using the most advanced equipment and test methods, including HPLC and GC-MS, these labs verify the potency and purity of ingredients. Independent microbiological testing is also performed to ensure supplement purity and safety.

Vital Nutrients
Vital Nutrients is dedicated to manufacturing high-quality supplements that promote health, wellness, and vitality. Their stringent standards and extensive laboratory analyses have led to their supplements being used and trusted by hospitals, healthcare practitioners and consumers worldwide. Nothing is more important than the quality of their supplements. Vital Nutrients products may help support specific health concerns, as well as complement an existing healthy lifestyle. And because they independently test each and every raw material and finished product at U.S. labs, purity and potency can be guaranteed in every capsule.

Klaire Labs
Guided by a dedicated team of highly skilled professionals, the Klaire Labs executive team represents decades of scientific, manufacturing, sales, and marketing excellence. Their team shares a passion for changing the way people consider natural healthcare, a holistic dedication to premium, professional grade quality, and profound insight into the nutritional supplement category. Klaire Labs maintains a strong reputation among the most selective healthcare practitioners. Through well-respected legacy brands and continuous new product innovation, Klaire Labs offers a robust, multi-category portfolio of nutraceuticals. Klaire proudly claims the leading professionally distributed probiotic line in the United States, Ther-Biotic®.

As we age, our skin loses vital nutrients as a result of sun exposure, hormonal changes, poor diet and poor circulation. Mesolift is used to treat and slow the process of aging. This treatment results in improved tonicity, elasticity and appearance resulting in a clear, attractive complexion, radiant, glowing and youthful skin.

No, there is no surgery and no “down-time”. You may return to your daily routine or place of work immediately.

A series of micro-injections with the mixture is introduced to the skin.

Mesolift allows the true restructuring of the skin tissue since the formulation has been fully designed to favor the different biological reactions of the architecture of the skin by supplements:

* The vitamins provide an anti-deficiency function
* The amino acids allow better protein construction
* The minerals guarantee the ionic balance of the medium
* The coenzymes activate the biochemical reactions
* The nucleic acids stimulate synthesis

Mesolift includes vitamins required for the good exogenous biological balance of the skin. Below are some examples:
* Vitamin A acts on the flexibility of the skin by regulating the growth of epidermic cells. By acting on the keratinization process, it favors cicatrisation and partially corrects the thinning of the derma due to skin aging.
* Vitamin E is an antioxidant due to its major anti-radical properties. It maintains the integrity of tissue by fighting the formation of toxic peroxides.
* Vitamin C helps stimulate the synthesis of collagen and inhibit the synthesis of melanin.
* Vitamin D is indispensable for the synthesis of calcium by the direct action on the phospho-calcic metabolism.
* Vitamin B and its sub-groups are excellent anti-deficiency substances and are indispensable for the good biological balance of the skin.
* Vitamin K plays a major role in the regulation of the micro-circulation.

Amino acids are stable, water-soluble and amphoteric compounds that form the structural molecular elements in proteins. They are the basis of the tissue architecture of the skin.

Minerals help stimulate different cell activities and, as a result, improve different biological metabolisms. This is particularly true for the skin.

Coenzymes are non-protein organic compounds. When combined with an enzyme they improve the speed of metabolic reactions of the organism. Transcutaneous supplements of nucleic acids stimulate the synthesis of the noble proteins of the derma and thereby restructure the entire tissue.

No, Mesolift improves skin tone and texture. Many of our patients report that their skin feels tighter.

Most patients see results immediately after their first treatment but other patients can takes weeks to fully take effect.

We continue to age. If you like the results, you will most likely continue with a few sessions per year.

Mesolift is usually performed in an initial series of treatments spaced 1 – 2 weeks apart. The effects of Mesolift treatment are cumulative. Your body will slowly develop collagen and elastin over time.

There is a small chance of bruising which can easily be covered. Any potential bruising is minimized using our technique.

Acupoint Injection Therapy (AIT) is the injection of homeopathics or vitamins into acupuncture points to help with pain management, general health, and palliative care. It’s not a substitute for traditional needle acupuncture, but rather an additional treatment that may be beneficial to the patient.

How does AIT work?

Acupoint Injection Therapy (AIT) activates acupuncture points much in the same way as the insertion of needles, but with additional healing provided by the injectables that are used during the injection. AIT is associated with minimal discomfort and less post-injection soreness. Many patients will notice a positive response to their pain levels shortly after treatment.

What Conditions Can Be Treated with Acupoint Injection Therapy?

Some of the more common conditions treated with Acupoint Injection Therapy include:
Shoulder Pain
Knee Pain
Low Back Pain
Foot Pain
Tennis Elbow
Optimize the Immune System

How Many Treatments Will Be Required?

Most patients will notice a change immediately following your Acupoint Injection Therapy. However, most conditions will require multiple treatment sessions in order to achieve the desired optimum healing result. When the natural therapeutic injectables are introduced into the affected area, the body easily absorbs the substance and answers with a quick immune response. By applying the injectables directly on acupuncture points, the power of both the acupuncture point and the biotherapeutic medicine are greatly enhanced. Furthermore leaving a deposit of medicine in the injection side will activate and stimulate the acupuncture point for a longer period of time, enhancing the therapeutic effect. Therefore, AIT can help to speed up healing and restore health.

The name homeopathy, coined by its originator, Samuel Hahnemann, is derived from the Greek words for ‘similar suffering’ referring to the ‘like cures like’ principle of healing. Hahnemann was born in Germany two hundred and fifty years ago. At this time the old world-view was being renovated and traditional beliefs, many flimsily based upon superstition, were being increasingly subjected to the rigour of experimental scrutiny and assessment. The practice of Homeopathy is based upon science while its application is an art.

Homeopathy is founded on two principles that have occurred regularly throughout the history of medicine, both in eastern and western worlds. The first principle of ‘like cures like’ can be looked at in several ways. One way is to assume that the body knows what it is doing and that symptoms are the body’s way of taking action to overcome illness. This healing response is automatic in living organisms; we term it the vital response. The similar medicine acts as a stimulus to the natural vital response, giving it the information it needs to complete its healing work. Since the initial action of the vital response plus the medicine is to increase the strength of the symptoms, this is our first indication of internal healing taking place, of diseases being cured from within – pushed outwards along the established routes of past and present symptoms.

Before the medicines are decided upon, their curative powers are discovered by testing them out on healthy human subjects and carefully noting emotional, mental and physical changes. This is termed a ‘proving’. This information constitutes the basis for ‘like cures like’, for a medicine’s unique symptom picture must match up with the individual’s unique expression of their disease, that is, the present and persisting symptoms of the disease.

The second principle, that only ‘the minimum dose’ should be employed is based upon the understanding that the stimulus of the medicine works from within the vitality and is not imposed from the outside. Only enough is administered to initiate the healing process, which then carries on, driven by its own internal healing mission. Homeopathic medicines given in minimum doses, while they do stimulate the body’s vital response, do not produce the gross side effects that are so often the pit-fall of conventional treatment.

Why is homeopathy so popular?

Homeopathic treatment works with your body’s own healing powers to bring about health and well being.
You are treated as an individual, not as a collection of disease labels.
Homeopathy treats all your symptoms at all levels of your being – spiritual, emotional, mental and physical and finds the ‘like cures like’ match for them.
Homeopathically prepared remedies, providing the minimum dose, are gentle, subtle and powerful. They are non-addictive, and not tested on animals. 

Our selection of organic loose leaf tea features a number of teas that are USDA Certified Organic, one of the strictest certifications in regards to organic labeling. These teas and herbs are grown without the use of synthetic chemicals or pesticides, using only sustainable agricultural methods.

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