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       BellaVive Natural Health Clinic offers a wide array of professional vitamins, minerals, nutritional supplements, homeopathic remedies, western botanicals, Chinese herbs and organic herbal teas. We are unique in that we carry a full line of Western and Eastern herbal extracts designed to address the physical, emotional and mental aspects of health. Our products contain the highest quality herbs on the market.  We use organic and ethically wild harvested herbs that meet and exceed all the safety, purity, authenticity and potency GMP guidelines for herbal medicine.  Our organic herbs are certified by an accredited organic certification agency.  Ethically harvested means we do not use any herbs that are rare, endangered, or at risk of being endangered.  This also means that our herbs are free from irradiation and ozone treatment, sulfur, gasses and other sanitary chemicals.  At our clinic, we currently carry over 500 single Western and Chinese herbs. 

     At BellaVive Natural Health Clinic, we offer consultations that provide our clients with the ability to make informed choices about what types of remedies will be the most functional and beneficial for their situation. Dr. Kimberly Nguyen customizes her own herbal formulas and nutritional recommendations based on the unique concerns and needs of her clients.  The formulas are either high quality Western botanical herbal tinctures or high quality Chinese herbal extracts in powder form.  The choice will be based on the individual patient.  Nutritional recommendations are also dependent upon the needs of the patient.  Many times our patients come in with bags full of supplements they are currently taking.  At BellaVive NHC, our goal is to help you choose the right nutrients to meet your daily needs.  We highly recommend a nutrition consultation with Dr. Nguyen to help figure out your nutrient deficiencies and to plan out how to incorporate nutrition in your daily meals.  Dr. Nguyen believes that eating the right foods and eating a well balanced diet will provide most people with all the necessary nutrients.   She also realize that there are times when a client is unable to meet their nutrient needs from food.  When this occurs, Dr. Nguyen will recommend a more personalized selection of nutritional supplementation. The products offered at BellaVive NHC are from companies that go through rigorous nutrient selection, quality control and manufacturing process.  By choosing companies that meet these standards, we are able to offer our clients the highest quality products.  All of our nutritional supplements contains no artificial ingredients or preservatives.  The nutrients are retained in their original form which makes them more effective and easily absorbed.  In addition, there are no toxic glues, binders and lubricants in our supplements.  These toxic glues and binders are usually listed as "other ingredients" in many nutrition products in the market.

     BellaVive NHC's mission is to provide the community with resources to enhance and optimize the health of each individual. However, many of our remedies are prescription only.  We apologize, but we do not offer recommendations without a consultation with Dr. Nguyen.  All consultations are by appointment only.  

We also offer mail orders and drop shipment  to our patients.  Please email us at bvclinic@yahoo.com for more information.



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