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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Acupuncture offers a unique perspective on the nature of health and illness that is different from that of the western perspective. It holds the human body in great reverence, respecting and promoting its endless capacity for rejuvenation and recovery. The symptoms are recognized as the bodies' language. Through differentiation of signs and symptoms, a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture can analyze the root cause of the condition. By harmonizing the body, mind, and spirit, they are able to combat or prevent illness to improve the quality of life.


Acupuncture is an effective form of health care that has evolved into a complete and wholistic medical system. Practitioners of acupuncture and Chinese medicine have used this noninvasive medical system to diagnose and help millions of people get well and stay healthy.

An acupuncturist will place fine, sterile needles at specific acupuncture points on the body. This activates the body's Qi and promotes natural healing by enhancing recuperative power, immunity and physical and emotional health. It also can improve overall function and well-being. It is a safe, painless and effective way to treat a wide variety of medical problems.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

An ancient tradition

Chinese herbal medicine is a complementary therapeutic modality that is often used together with traditional pharmaceuticals or as a stand alone treatment for a variety of medical conditions. Over the past 5,000 years, Chinese herbology has evolved into an art form of its own. Ancient herbal information was gathered, compiled, formulated, tested, and handed down from generation to generation. Today, practitioners of Chinese medicine continue to prescribe herbal formulas because they work extremely well.

Herbal Medicine practitioners are familiar with most of the 1,800 herbs in the Chinese pharmacopia. All of these herbs are classified according to their energetic qualities, functions, and the different organs, meridians, and disharmonies for which they address. Individual herbs are combined in order to enhance their action and effect upon the body. When combined, a unique, synergistic formula is created. This combination increases the benefits of a particular formula and minimizes any harmful side effects. In order to create the most effective formula, the herbs are used in different quantities and for different purposes. This allows the Herbalist to customize a formula aimed at addressing individual needs. The art and skill of creating a formula lies within choosing the precise and most effective herbs that target an individuals disharmony. Formulas can be prescribed in a number of ways through Herbal Medic's extensive pharmacy: powdered and liquid extracts, pills and tablets.  All formulas are FDA regulated and GMP certified for safety.

Chinese herbal medicine can be used to expedite the healing process, strengthen ("tonify"), and support the body. It is a powerful therapeutic method as a stand alone treatment. These formulas have the capacity to address the underlying root cause of various medical conditions, whether acute or chronic.

Chinese herbal medicine is a safe,
effective and drug-free way to
become well and stay healthy, naturally!



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